Regional Refuse Disposal District One Remains Open with Some Restrictions

RRDD1 is NOT closing during the Coronavirus pandemic. We need to stay open to accept resident household trash, for health reasons!  We are currently taking precautionary measures to ensure the health and well-being of our employees as well as the residents. 

1.) Our employees are not allowed to help you with your trash. You will need to remove trash from your vehicle yourself and dispose of it properly. This includes televisions, air conditioners, appliances, garbage, etc.

2.) We temporarily suspended the collection of American Flags (for proper retirement), Eye Glasses (Lions), Mattresses / Box Springs, Paint and Propane Tanks. 

2.) With an increase in restaurant take-outs, residents are reminded that single use items go in the trash, they are not recyclable.  This includes: paper napkins, paper towels, paper plates, single use drinking cups, paper/plastic straws, ALL Styrofoam, and all plastic ware.   

3.) The tag sale is closed! RRDD1 will not be accepting any donations of new or used items for resale until further notice.  Residents may hold onto these items until the area reopens or pay for disposal in the upper C&D area (the scale on the hill).   

4.) Safe distancing has been implemented. Employees have been instructed to stay at least 6 feet away from all persons.  Employees may answer your questions from a safe distance.

5.) Keep your hands to yourself. RRDD1 has been known to be a social place, meeting up with “old” friends and neighbors. While it’s quite fine to nod or wave, we kindly ask you to “DROP and DRIVE” with no social time during this Coronavirus stage.  

6.) Don’t use our equipment (rakes/ brooms/ shovels)

7.) If you are sick stay home. Germs are in the air for 3 hours, on copper for 4 hours, cardboard for 24 hours and can be on surfaces for 2-3 days or more.

8.) If you are under quarantine, or self-quarantine DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!  DO NOT come to RRDD1. 

9.) When purchasing a sticker or day pass, residents will be asked to hold up your registration / proof of residency for the gatehouse employee.  Open your driver’s door and stand behind it (hold your door knob) as the employee affixes the sticker.

7.) Residents are kindly asked to have exact change when purchasing a sticker or a check. 

8.) Although ink pens are available to all residents, it is highly suggested to bring your own pen when writing a check, reducing the potential spread of germs.

9.) Bathrooms have been closed to the public.

10.) Children are asked to stay in their vehicles.

11.) Lastly, employees will no longer hand out dog bones to your precious pups. 

12.) Staff has been cut back.  Please be patient. 

13.) Loading of top soil, mulch or wood chips will ONLY take place if staff is available.

We hope you understand why we are taking these precautionary measures. 

Debbie Angell, Administrator
Phone/Fax: 860-379-1972

RRDD1 is a transfer station and recycling center here to serve the District (Barkhamsted, New Hartford and Winsted) in a safe environment for all. Safety is our main concern.