New Hartford police coverage is provided by Connecticut State Police and local police officers.

Rafael Figueiral is the Resident Trooper currently assigned to New Hartford. His office is located at Town Hall.

New Hartford Police Officers are: Dan Janco, Kevin Wilkinson, Rob Janco and Pat Berardinelli.

New Hartford is fortunate to have a dedicated group of professionals who have many years of police experience. 

All town citizens are asked to use 911 only in the event of an emergency.

For general information, call: 860-379-8621

Pistol Permit Information

Pistol permit applications are available in the Office of the First Selectman (or click here https://portal.ct.gov/DESPP/Division-of-State-Police/Special-Licensing-and-Firearms/State-Pistol-Permit and you will LEAVE this site and be directed to an application form which you will need to print and complete).

Fingerprints are done by appointment only.  Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. You can schedule directly through the New Hartford Office at 860-379-8621 or you can call the First Selectman's Office and speak with Administrative Assistant Christine Hayward at 860-379-3389 to set up an appointment.

When you arrive for your fingerprint appointment, you will need to have the following:

  • Bank Check/Money Order made payable to "Treasurer - State of Connecticut"  in the amount of $13.25  PLUS
  • Bank Check/Money Order made payable to "Treasurer- State of Connecticut" in the amount of $75.00 PLUS
  • $15.00 Exact Cash or personal check to Town of New Hartford  PLUS
  • COPY of Firearms Training Certificate of Completion PLUS
  • Valid ID ( Birth Certificate, passport, or drivers license)

Click here for pistol permit process

Home Security Alarm System
New Hartford does not require that residents obtain a permit to install a home security alarm system.  However, if your monitoring company will be contacting the police when your alarm is activated it would be helpful for the responding officers to have the information provided on this Alarm Registration Form.



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Patric Berardinelli Police Officer 860-379-8621
Rafael Figueiral Resident Trooper 860-379-8621
Daniel Janco Police Officer 860-379-8621
Robert Janco Police Officer 860-379-8621
Kevin Wilkinson Police Officer 860-379-8621