Learn To Play the Ukulele

Beginner Class!
Ukulele photo of three girls playing the ukulele
Event Date: 
Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

 Learn to play the Ukulele! Try this fun workshop taught by Kathy Tomarelli, a native to New Hartford, who recently moved back to New Hartford with her husband near the roots of her family's dairy farm on Niles Road. Kathy taught and performed music for over 50 years, from New Hartford, to Brazil to New Jersey, New York and Maryland. Kathy takes her instruments wherever she goes( flute, recorder, guitar, ukulele, piano and keyboard) and enjoys making music with friends, old and new. Kathy is so excited to begin teaching classes at the New Hartford Senior Center!

  Suggested Donation: $5.00 per class per person

  Please try to bring, purchase or borrow a ukulele for each class.  Beekley Library has ukuleles you can borrow or contact Frank at Mad River Music in Winsted to purchase a ukulele at a discounted price.