Soldiers Overseas Donations

Many thanks to all of you who generously donate cash for postage for our soldiers overseas and those who continue to add goodies to our collection of things to be sent to our deployed men and women.  We are still collecting and our soldiers could specifically use: Crystal Lite, warm socks, boot and hand warmers, sun screen, baby wipes, disposable razors, coffee, chap sticks, and Chef BoyArDee meals in the little plastic containers. It is so cold in Afghanistan right now that sometimes the soldiers don’t want to leave their tents to go to the mess hall!  All contributions are gratefully accepted. When you are done with your red scarves for our Red Scarf Project, we have a new knitting project, the Helmet Liner Project! Soldiers are issued helmet liners as part of their uniform. Unfortunately, they are made with acrylic blend fibers, and acrylic melts when subject to high temperatures. The knitting community has responded by knitting 100% wool liners in proper military colors such as tan, black, brown, gray, or olive and sending them to our troops. These brave men and women are volunteering their time and putting their lives on hold to protect us. Please put your current knitting projects aside and make something to protect them. A pattern for the helmet liner is available in the senior center.