Dog Licenses Renew in June and July. Schedule your vet appointment for rabies vaccination if needed.

image of a dog dressed as a doctor holding a vaccination needle

We will begin issuing 2020 dog licenses on June 1st.  Please take a moment to confirm that your dog's rabies vaccination will be valid when you renew.  Veterinarians are open with curbside restrictions due to social distancing.  As a result it is important to schedule an appointment as early as possible, if needed.  Please note:  if your dog's rabies vaccination expires in June you must renew the vaccination before you can renew their license.

The Governor's Executive Order 7II has extended the grace period for renewing your dog's license to include June and July without penalty.  This change allows additional time for pet owners to schedule rabies vaccinations and practice social distancing or follow self -quarantine guidelines if needed.  Existing licenses may be renewed online after June 1st or by mail.  At this time, we are not certain what restrictions will be required for renewing licenses in person at Town Hall.

Ticks are abundant again this year, please be vigilant in checking your animals and family members carefully after spending time enjoying the outdoors.

If you have updated rabies certificate(s) and would like to renew online after June 1st, click here to send us an email with a scan of the rabies certificate so we may update our records or fax the certificate to 860-379-0614.

Click here for additional information on Dog Licenses.

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