Connecticut General Statute section 7-51a allows genealogists access to all vital records to conduct genealogical research, except those that are deemed confidential.  Confidential records include:

  • Birth records that reflect an adoption, paternity or gender change
  • Birth records that reflect gender reassignment
  • Death records containing a change to the cause or manner of death

Also, records containing social security numbers that are protected by federal law cannot be directly accessed by genealogists

  • Birth records for births occurring after November 1990.
  • Death and marriage records for deaths and marriages occurring after July 1, 1997.

These restricted records need to be kept in a secure location.  All other records may be directly accessed by genealogists, so long as the security of the restricted records are not compromised.

In order to ensure eligibility, the genealogists must present a valid membership card issued by one of these Connecticut genealogical societies:

  • Connecticut Ancestry Society, Inc.
  • Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council, Inc.
  • Descendents of the the Founders of Ancient Windsor, Inc.
  • French-Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut, Inc.
  • Friends of Godfrey Memorial Library, Inc.
  • Gaelic-American Club, Inc.
  • Godfrey Memorial Library
  • Indiana and Colonial Research Center, Inc.
  • Jewish Genealogical Society of Connecticut, Inc.
  • Killingly Historical Genealogical Society, Inc.
  • Middlesex Genealogical Society, Inc.
  • Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast, Inc.
  • Southern Connecticut Ancestry Network, Inc. (SCAN)
  • Southington Genealogical Society, Inc.

Genealogists should present a government issued identification card.