Sport Licenses

Fishing & Hunting Licenses

Sport licenses for 2019 are available for purchase at the New Hartford Town Clerk's office as well as online at the State's DEEP website.  Licenses are also available at UpCountry Sport Fishing, located at 352 Main Street.  (Handicapped licenses are NOT available at UpCountry Sport Fishing.)  Effective July 1, 2016, new legislation has established two bird hunting stamps and a new 3-day out of state bird hunting license.  Effective March, 2018, new legislation has established a Trout & Salmon Stamp.   See updated fees below.

2018 License Fees
 Resident Resident
16 or 17
Over 65 Hunting and/or Inland FishingFREE---
Over 65 Marine FishingFREE---
Over 65 TrappingFREE---
Handicapped* Hunting and/or Inland FishingFREE---
Handicapped* Marine FishingFREE---
Firearms Hunting$19.00$11.00$10.00$91.00
3 Day Bird Hunting License   $35.00
Inland Fishing$28.00-$14.00$55.00
Marine Fishing$10.00-$5.00$15.00
1 Day Marine Fishing$5.00-$3.00-
3 Day Inland Fishing---$22.00
3 Day Marine Fishing---$8.00
All Waters Fishing$32.00-$16.00$63.00
Combo Firearms & Inland Fishing$38.00-$19.00$110.00
Combo Firearms & Marine Fishing$25.00-$13.00$94.00
Combo Firearms & All Waters Fishing$40.00-$20.00$120.00
Archery Deer/Small Game$41.00$10.00$21.00$135.00
Combo Archery & All Waters Fishing$65.00-$33.00N/A
State Land Lottery "A" Season$19.00-$10.00$68.00
State Land Lottery "B" Season$19.00-$10.00$68.00
State Land No Lottery "A" Season$19.00-$10.00$68.00
State Land No Lottery "B" Season$19.00-$10.00$68.00
PrivateLand Shotgun/Rifle$19.00-$10.00$68.00
Private Land Muzzleloader$19.00-$10.00$68.00
State Land Muzzleloader$19.00-$10.00$68.00
Revolver Deer Endorsement$5.00---
Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp (pheasants, ruffed grouse, quail & wild turkey)$28.00$14.00$14.00$28.00
Connecticut Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp (waterfowl, rails, snipe, woodcock & crows)$17.00$9.00$9.00$17.00
Trout & Salmon Stamp$5.00$3.00$5.00$5.00


Guide Books

The 2019 Connecticut Angler's Guide is available free of charge in the Town Clerk's office.

The 2018 Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide is available free of charge in the Town Clerk's office.

You may also view the guides online and download forms by visiting the State's DEEP website.