First Selectman

The First Selectman is the Chief Executive Officer in a statutory town.  A statutory town is one  that has no governing charter but is governed by Connecticut State General Statutes and any ordinances passed by the town. The First Selectman is a full time paid position in New Hartford.  He receives a salary which is noted as a line item in the town budget.  The primary duty of the First Selectman is to implement the policies of the board and to manage the town's daily activity.   The First Selectman is responsible for providing oversight to all aspects of town operations.  He acts as supervisor to town employees and interacts with all town departments.  The First Selectman is responsible for fiscal oversight. The First Selectman maintains an "open door policy" and encourages residents to call or stop by at will.

First Selectman's Corner:

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 860-379-3389 or stop by my office at Town Hall to chat.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Daniel V. Jerram (R) First Selectman 860-379-3389
Christine Hayward Executive Assistant 860-379-3389
Erin Phelan Administrative Office Assistant 860-379-3389
Kimberly Ahrens Bookkeeper 860-379-3389