Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal is responsible for prevention, investigation and origin of fires.  He is not responsible for Open Burning Permits.  In order to get a burning permit to burn brush, it is necessary to call Town Hall at 860-379-3389 and get the contact info for the Burning Official.

For Miscellaneous Information regarding Open Burning,
please click here.

"When Fire Strikes: Get Out! Stay Out!"

Did you know that more than 1.7 Million fires strike American homes, parks, and businesses each year?

Did you know that fires can grow quickly, and individuals may have as few as 2 minutes to evacuate? At least 94 percent of American homes are equipped with smoke alarms, yet most home fire deaths happen in homes where smoke alarms are not working. By installing and maintaining working smoke alarms on every level of the home, having a fire emergency response plan, and evacuating if the alarm sounds, families and individuals can be ready to respond to a fire.

"When Fire Strikes: Get Out! Stay Out!" - teaches two simple but life-saving lessons:

  • Install smoke alarms and test them regularly
  • Develop and practice home fire drills


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
William Baldwin Fire Marshal (860) 601-8940