Water Pollution Control Authority

The New Hartford WPCA regulates sewer services with the powers, purposes and objectives set forth in Chapter 103 of the Connecticut General Statute (CGS § 7-245 et seq.) as may be amended from time to time. Drinking water statutes and regulations, too numerous to describe here, and under the authority of the DPH (Departmental of Public Health), are administrated by the local WPCA, subject to the final approval of the Commissioner of DPH.

In the administration of its duties the WPCA seeks to satisfy this goal: 
It is the goal of the New Hartford WPCA to provide quality constructed, reliable and cost effective  drinking and wastewater infrastructure, that promotes environmental protection and insures public health & safety at competitive rates that stimulates residential, commercial and industrial development, providing economic growth and rate stabilization for residential, commercial and industrial accounts alike.

The Town of New Hartford WPCA is the governing authority for all matters related to water and sewer operations within the Town of New Hartford.  Members of the Board are volunteers who dedicate themselves to overseeing the operations.  They set policies, procedures and rates for the water and sewer systems. 

The water service operations are contracted out to TORRINGTON WATER COMPANY (effective February 1, 2014).  Torrington Water Company personnel are responsible for the daily operations of the WATER system (water testing, meter reading, service calls, etc).
The New Hartford WPCA has adopted the rules and regulations that are in effect for Torrington Water Customers as the rules and regulations for New Hartford Water Customers.  A copy of those rules and regulations is available upon request at the Town Hall in the Office of the First Selectman.
Questions regarding rules and regulations can be addressed to the Water Pollution Control Authority.

Aquarion Water Company  provides personnel to operate the Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Main Street and responds to emergencies such as SEWER line breaks, backups, etc. 

Billing for both the water and sewer services is contracted to Torrington Water Company. Questions or concerns can be e-mailed to custserv@torringtonwater.com OR you can call 860-489-4149.

Payments can be mailed to:
New Hartford WPCA
c/oTorrington Water Company
PO Box 845
Torrington, CT 06790
Checks are made payable to New Hartford WPCA

General questions can be directed to the personnel in the First Selectman's Office at 860-379-3389.

After hours emergencies for water issues can be called in to 860-489-4149.  After hours sewer emergencies can be called to William (Bill) Embelton at 203-509-1461. (if no response, call James McCabe at 860-394-7256 or Mike Crawford at 207-650-2906)

Emergencies are identified as back ups or line breaks only!

The Water Pollution Control Authority holds regular meetings each month.  A meeting schedule is posted with the Town Clerk and agendas for meetings are posted as required.  Meetings are generally held the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at Town Hall.  Posted agendas will confirm the date, time and location.

September 2017:
Attention licensed plumbers, drain layers, and contractors - the New Hartford WPCA is assembling a list of licensed professionals who may be contacted by New Hartford residents to provide services necessary to connect to the sanitary sewer system.  If you would like to be included on this list, please contact Christine Hayward or Jill Healey at 860-379-3389.
This list is not intended to be a recommendation for any contractor; it is for general information purposes only.

Board Members - Current Terms of Office