Potential Water & Sewer Asset Sale

The information contained in this Table of Contents was designed to provide both the water and/or sewer customers and the general taxpayers with background information relating to the potential sale of New Hartford’s water and sewer assets.  Beginning in 2016, the Asset Evaluation Team (AET) conducted this review and evaluation and upon completion, the team presented its findings and recommendation to the Board of Selectmen on January 13, 2020.  

We believe the documentation contained on this website will significantly inform and educate all interested parties concerning the recommendation to sell.  The potential for sale will come before Town Officials representing the Board of Selectmen, Board Of Finance, Planning & Zoning Commission, and finally to New Hartford voters who will ultimately decide this issue at Referendum. Public information sessions are planned before the formal vote.

The office of the First Selectman should serve as a focal point for you to log any questions not answered here or on other websites linked to relevant information on this subject. You can use the link provided here to contact Town hall:  CHayward@newhartfordct.gov

As we receive and answer questions, the AET will post them to the town’s website for all to see.

Click links below or at left to access information. Some items are only available at Town Hall due to file size or security concerns.

A.   OVERVIEW - New Hartford Water and Wastewater System Proposed Asset Sale

  1. User Profile
  2. Water System
  3. Wastewater System
  4. Summary of Proposed Asset Sale
  5. Use of Proceeds from Asset Sale
  6. Frequently Asked Questions - In process
  7. Other AWC Asset Purchases in Connecticut
  8. Feedback AWC Acquired Water/Sewer Companies - Interviews Pending
  9. Drinking Water Rate Comparison
  10. Wastewater (Sewer) Rate Comparison
  11. 15 Year Water Rate Comparison
    11.1 Graph - 15 Year Water Rates
    11.2 Detail - 15 Year Water Rates
  12. What Are My Rates - Post Sale
  13. What are WICA-RAM and What does it mean to Users?
  14. Public Informational Meetings Mailer - 02/2020

B.   Asset Evaluation Team (AET) Formation and Recommendations

  1. AET Members
  2. AET Charter & Objectives
  3. AET Agendas & Meeting Minutes
  4. Valuation Opinion Memorandum - CDM Smith
  5. Water and Wastewater Asset Sale Request for Proposal (RFP) and Addendum #1 - #2
    5.1 Request for Proposal (RFP)
    5.2 RFP Addendum #1 - #2
  6. Responses to RFP for Asset Sale
    6.1 Aquarion Water Company (AWC) Proposal
    6.2 Connecticut Water Company (CWC) Proposal
    6.3 Torrington Water Company (TWC) Proposal

C.  About Aquarion Water Company

  1. History, Customer Base, Recognition/Awards, Performance in New Hartford
  2. Rules & Regulations - Water
  3. Rules & Regulations - Sewer (Under Development)

D.   Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) - Issues Based Meetings with BOF, BOS Concerning the Ability to Meet Obligations and Possible Sale of Water and Sewer Assets

      1.  Issues Based Meetings
           1.1   Board of Finance Minutes (5-11-10)
           1.2   Board of Finance Minutes (6-8-10)
           1.3   Evaluation Taskforce Outline, Action, Outcome
           1.4   Board of Selectmen Minutes - Potential for Asset Sale Report (11/27/12)
           1.5   Board of Finance Minutes (11-12-13)
           1.6   Board of Selectmen Minutes (2-4-14)
           1.7   WPCA Update - BOS (8-25-15)
           1.8   WPCA Recommendation to BOS (12-14-15)      
           1.9   WPCA Update - BOS (2-18-18)
           1.10 Board of Selectmen Minutes - Debt Restructure (5-21-14)

  1. Access to all WPCA Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes
  2. Resolution Concerning the Sale of Water & Sewer Assets

E.   Asset Purchase Agreement and Other Documents Related to Asset Sale

  1. Non-Binding Letter of Intent and Preliminary Terms
  2. Working Draft Asset Purchase Agreement (APA)
  3. Metropolitan District Commission Tank Site Lease Agreement
  4. Preliminary Escrow Agreement Between Town and USDA

F.   Water and Sewer Financials and Other Related Documents

  1. New Hartford Water and Sewer USDA Loan Repayment Status
    1.1 USDA Annual Tax Statements
  2. USDA Approval Email and Support for Asset Sale
    2.1 USDA Approval Email Exchange
    2.2 USDA Internal Memo
  3. Audited Financials for Past Five Years (Available at Town Hall)
  4. Introduction - Contracted Rates - Update
  5. Contract Operations Agreement - Water System - Torrington Water
  6. Contract Operations Agreement - Wastewater System - Aquarion Water
  7. Cost Savings Introduced by Aquarion

G.   Pine Meadow Sewer Expansion - Supporting Information

  1. Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE) – 2008
  2. EIE Supplemental Public Comment – Butler Email
  3. Final 2016 -Sewer Line Extension & Repair Evaluation Report – CDM
  4. CDM Pine Meadow Update #1
  5. CDM Pine Meadow Update #2
  6. Introduction - Pine Meadow Property Density Review
  7. Property/Septic Density Review
  8. Opinion Of CDM-Smith – Density Review - DPH Support Documents
  9. DPH Support Document #1
  10. DPH Support Document #2
  11. WPCA/AET Resolution Endorsement of Sewer Extension and AET “Plan”

H.  Capital Improvement Plan - Five (5) Year Projected Budget

  1. RFP Respondents -submitted Estimated Budgets – Water/Sewer

I.   New Hartford Rate & Fee Schedule - Existing Projected

  1. Current New Hartford Rates/Fees
  2. New Hartford Rates - Observation - Atlantic States Report for USDA-RD
  3. What if No Sale - Projected New Hartford User Rates - In process

J.   Agendas/Minutes - Relevant Meetings - Water and Wastewater Asset Sale

  1. Asset Evaluation Team
  2. Water Pollution Control Authority
  3. Planning and Zoning Commission - Tentative 2/26/20
  4. Economic Development Commission - TBD
  5. Board of Selectmen Resolution Acceptance 1/28/20
  6. Board of Finance - 2/11/20
  7. Meetings (PURA, OCC, DEEP, DPH, USDA) - Minutes/Notes/Observations
    7.1   Discovery Investigation 2012
    7.2   USDA Conference Call Discussion Points (8/20/18)
    7.3   USDA Rural Development Meeting Notes (3/20/19)
    7.4   Jerram Opening Remarks USDA Meeting     
    7.5   Section #1 - USDA Presentation (4/19)
    7.6   Section #2 - USDA Presentation (4/19)
    7.7   OCC Meeting Notes
    7.8   PURA Meeting Request
    7.9   Jerram - Opening Statement PURA
    7.10 Transcript - PURA Proceedings
    7.11 DPH Discussion - Mathieu Interview
    7.12 DPH/PURA Streamlining Acquisition Process / DPH Questions

K.   Water System Reports and Maps

  1. Rules and Regulations for New Hartford Water System (Available at Town Hall)
  2. Map of New Hartford Water Distribution System (Available at Town Hall)
  3. Most Recent New Hartford Water Supply Plan - 2005
  4. Most Recent Consumer Confidence Reports (Water Quality Reporting)
  5. 2018 - Filed Sanitary Survey - CTDPH
    5.1 2018 Sanitary Survey
    5.2 2018 Sanitary Report State Response
  6. Torrington Water Monthly Reports (Available at Town Hall)
  7. Groundwater Diversion Permit
  8. Water Tanks - Overview
  9. Tank Inspection Report - Tank #1
  10. Tank Inspection Report - Tank #2
  11. Water System Asset Summary

L.   Wastewater System Reports and Maps

  1. Rules and Regulations for New Hartford Wastewater System (Available at Town Hall)
  2. Map of New Hartford Wastewater Collection System (Available at Town Hall)
  3. Daily Monitoring Reports and Nitrogen Reports to CTDEEP (Available at Town Hall)
  4. National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit
  5. Wastewater System Asset Summary
  6. Operation and Maintenance Manual for WWTP - CDM (Available at Town Hall)
  7. Extension Analysis - February 2015
  8. Wastewater Design and Operations for Critical Unit Operations (Available at Town Hall)
    8.1 Fluidyne SBR – Volume 1
    8.2 Fluidyne SBR – Volume 2
    8.3 Nova Disk Filters
    8.4 UV Disinfection System
    8.5 SBR Troubleshooting Guide
  9. Facility Plan Report – CE MacGuire (Available at Town Hall)
  10. Wastewater Monthly Reports to WPCA (Available at Town Hall)

M.  State Statutes, Regulations, Town Ordinances - Water & Wastewater

  1. DPH - Connecticut General Statutes - Chapter 102 (7-237) - (244a)
  2. DEEP - Connecticut General Statutes - Chapter 103 (7-247) - (7-273a)
  3. WPCA
    3.1 Connecticut General Statutes affecting WPCA
  4. Town Ordinances (1986-1) (1987-3)
  5. PURA
    5.1 Recent Decisions re: purchased Systems

N.   General List - CT Water Utilities & Their Current Rates

O.   Town Referendum

  1. Projected Schedule and Pre-Referendum Meetings (TBD)
  2. Ballot Question and Explanation Statement (TBD)
  3. Fact Sheet and FAQs for Community Distribution (TBD)