Planning & Zoning Commission

The Town of New Hartford has a combined Planning and Zoning Commission.   This Commission has 5 elected regular members and 3 elected alternate members, each of which serves a 5 year term.

While  working in their planning capacity the Commission reviews all subdivisions of land, creates and updates the Plan of Conservation and Development and reviews request from the Board of Selectmen for substantial improvement to Town property or the lease, purchase or sale of Town property, known as an 8-24 request.

While working in their zoning capacity the Commission creates and places zones then delineates what uses are allowed in each zone.  The list of uses and criteria are in the Zoning Regulations.   The Commission, or its agent, review each application for compliance with the Zoning Regulations.  The Zoning Regulations also contain Flood Plain Regulations, Farmington River Overlay District and Public Drinking Water Watershed Overlay District.

This Commission also serves as the Aquifer Protection Agency.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael Lucas Zoning Enforcement Officer (860) 379-7677

Commission Members - Current Terms of Office