Presidential Preference Primary Postponed to August 11, 2020

Governor Lamont's Executive Order 7BB issued April 17, 2020 postponed the Presidential Preference Primary from June 2, 2020 to August 11, 2020 to protect the health and safety of all voters, poll workers and the most vulnerable members of our population. 

This date change also allows additional time for party transfers prior to the primary.  If you are currently enrolled in a party and wish to change parties in order to vote in the primary, you may submit your party enrollment change to the Registrars of Voters prior to May 11, 2020.  Click here to visit the Registrars of Voters page for the link to online voter registration, forms to print and mail in, or the link to check your registration. 

If you have already submitted an absentee ballot application, your application will remain in effect for the new date and your ballot will be sent to the address you requested 21 days prior to August 11th.  If the location where your ballot is to be mailed needs to be changed, please contact the Town Clerk's office.

For any individuals who have already received a ballot due to military contingencies or temporary residence outside of the United States, the ballot you have received will be honored for the new date.

Any questions related to this date change or the absentee ballot process may be addressed to the Town Clerk's office at 860-379-5037.