Burning Official


(Town Hall - Selectman's Office)


A burning permit is required in New Hartford prior to any open burning. These permits are issued for a fee of $25.00 and can be obtained by calling the Town Hall and asking for contact information for the burning official.   Burning without a permit is a Class C misdemeanor. 

Currently, there are three individuals who serve as burning officials.  David Boyajian, Bob Goodskey and Bob Diorio share the duties assigned to this position.  Please do not attempt to call them directly; Call Town Hall first to find out who is 'on duty'.  The schedule changes frequently depending on availability.

Open Burning is limited to brush and small limbs. Leaves and yard waste do not qualify for open burning.  Please be considerate of your neighbors when you are burning.  Burn only on bright, cloud-free days when the smoke can dissipate into the atmosphere.  The most common mistake made regarding burning is the misnomer that it is better to burn on a cloudy or drizzly day.  This is not true!  The heavy air does not allow the smoke to clear, forcing it to stay close to the ground and travel horizontally (towards your neighbors) rather than vertically (into the sky).

Make sure that you have a water source nearby prior to starting your burn.  Quick action in the event of a misdirected flame or spark can prevent a tragedy.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FIRE UNATTENDED!

If you have any questions regarding Open Burning, please call 379-3389.

Daily Forest Fire Danger Report (State of Connecticut)