Land Use Department

(includes Planning & Zoning and Inland Wetlands)
The Town of New Hartford is excited to announce that PERMIT APPLICATIONS are NOW AVAILABLE Online!  Fees can be paid via credit card! Follow the link below to start your application today!
This office provides information on Inland Wetlands and Planning & Zoning regulations.  Michael Lucas serves the town as the Inland Wetlands Officer and the Zoning Enforcement Officer.  He was appointed by the Planning & Zoning Commission to ensure that Zoning Regulations are complied with.  In each role, he is available to assist residents in ensuring that any future development, renovations or new construction comply with Statutory Inland Wetlands & Watercourses restrictions and the Town's Planning & Zoning Regulations.

A Zoning Permit is needed to construct any building or structure including, but not limited to, sheds, decks and garages.  An Inland Wetlands permit may be required if wetlands are present on the property.  This office looks forward to assisting you in achieving your plans for your property while remaining compliant with the Inland Wetlands and Zoning Regulations.  Mike encourages you to meet with him to discuss your proposal early in the planning process. For your convenience please make an appointment with Mike, by phone 860-379-7677 or by email, to be sure he is available to meet with you as he also performs inspections in the field.

If you would like to submit a formal Wetlands or Zoning Complaint please fill out and return a Zoning Inquiry form.  Please know that complaints which contain the name and contact information of the person submitting the complaint take priority over anonymous complaints.

This office operates in conjunction with the elected members of the Inland Wetlands Commission, the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals.  Quick Links to these pages are located at the left.

The Land Use Assistant (Christine Rhoades) provides administrative assistance to the Inland Wetlands and Zoning Enforcement Officer.  She will take messages and forward concerns to Mike, but please note that she cannot answer questions specifically related to your project.  If you would like to submit an inquiry or information via e-mail, please click here. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate building/zoning official.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael Lucas Inland Wetlands & Zoning Enforcement Officer (860) 379-7677
Christine Rhoades Land Use Assistant (860) 379-8830