Brown's Corner - Athletic Fields


812 Steele Road
New Hartford, CT 06057

Brown's Corner is located on Steele Road in New Hartford.

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General Information

  • New Hartford Youth Baseball & Softball, New Hartford Youth Soccer and New Hartford Football all currently share this facility.
  • With careful scheduling and cooperation, all involved have been able to provide recreational sports for our town's children.
  • Some of the leagues operate snack bars and offer a variety of foods for purchase during games; but please note that the snack bar schedule is determined by the individual organizations and not the Town.  There may be times when food is not available.
  • Bathroom facilities are available, but they do close in early November and may not be available for some late season games.
  • Please help to keep Brown's Corner neat and clean -- carry out what you bring in!
  • Please monitor your younger children and do not allow them to play/climb along the rocks/river bed.  Keep them in your sight at all times!
  • No dogs are permitted on the playing fields.  Please clean up after your pet.